Tinctures vs Glycerites

Tinctures vs Glycerites

While most of our products are glycerite based, we have a small selection of tincture based supplements namely, MASS and FIBRO.  We understand that some clients may have concerns about tinctures, which are supplements that contain alcohol. We hope you'll find clarity and reassurance regarding our tincture-based supplements after reading this article.

First and foremost, it's important to note that our tinctures are made with all-natural ingredients. We carefully select herbs and botanicals known for their beneficial properties. While we use Certified Organic Corn Alcohol as a solvent in the tincture-making process, it is present in a small amount, serving as a preservative, ensuring the longevity and freshness of the herbal compounds within the supplement. Additionally, it aids in the efficient extraction of the medicinal properties from the herbs, resulting in a potent and concentrated formula.

If you have any concerns about the alcohol content, we encourage you to read the ingredients listed on the bottle labels and product pages on our website. Transparency is essential to us, and we provide detailed information to help you make informed decisions about our products.

Additionally, we would like to briefly explain some common terms related to herbal preparations:
  1. Glycerite: This is a type of herbal extract made with glycerin and water. It offers an alcohol-free alternative for those who prefer to avoid alcohol-based supplements.
  2. Elixir: An elixir typically contains alcohol, water, and a sweetener such as sugar or honey. It provides a concentrated and potent form of herbal infusion.
  3. Tincture: Tinctures are herbal extracts made using alcohol as the solvent. They are known for their long shelf life and rapid absorption by the body.
  4. Decoction: This method involves simmering herbs in water to extract their medicinal properties. It is often used for tougher plant parts like roots and barks.
  5. Infusion: An infusion is made by steeping herbs in water, typically not simmering them. It is a common method for delicate plant parts like leaves and flowers.
We want to assure you that our tincture-based supplements have been crafted with care and attention to provide you with the best possible results. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our  customer support team.

Products containing alcohol:

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